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Infinity Stone Power Bands

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
  • In today's video we're at The Gem Studio making rings with enough power to rival Thanos and his Gauntlet! Well kinda...

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  • Runtime : 15:47
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  • Hanzo Main
    Hanzo Main   2 days ago

    grant have you ever been in a video ever

  • Phappy Name
    Phappy Name   3 days ago

    Where is Grant? Why is he no longer in any videos?

  • Jack Austin
    Jack Austin   6 days ago

    what happens when you put a play button in liquid nitrogen

  • Charlirain McDonald
    Charlirain McDonald   1 weeks ago

    Can you mix a bunch of cold water plus amonia plus methane i would like to now what that would make it sounds interesting in my opinion

  • Maryanne Brown
    Maryanne Brown   1 weeks ago

    Why would u clickbeat grant we love him Nathan is just meh we all want more grant

  • Trapster2
    Trapster2   1 weeks ago

    Do they work like they do in the Marvel universe too?

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith   1 weeks ago

    I think Grant is like a long distant doctor. Sure, his name is on the door and you see his picture everywhere, but we have to spend most of our time with the nurse. Grant just comes in at the very end to make sure nothing got too [email protected]*ed up for a minute, and then sends us away.

  • Yuv Raj
    Yuv Raj   1 weeks ago

    How to make a rocket

  • pranav krishnan
    pranav krishnan   1 weeks ago

    @thekingofrandom try doing a video using kinetic sand in vacuum chamber.

  • CarterM
    CarterM   1 weeks ago

    I just wanted him to snap at the end

  • Joel Pagan
    Joel Pagan   1 weeks ago

    Miss grant. Videos aren’t the same anymore.

  • Triggerrr
    Triggerrr   1 weeks ago

    Yeah. But do y'all need some nail clippers, cause I got some for you

  • kevin
    kevin   1 weeks ago

    12:22 bruh, that better not be your hand.