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5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
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  • Runtime : 12:
  • Hot Dog Gadgets 5 Hot Dog Gadgets 5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Tes Gadgets gadgets test 5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3


  • Not Gay
    Not Gay   8 minuts ago

    Complains about soggy microwave bun “make bun more juicy” on the next “test” pathetic a

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher   7 hours ago

    ur a pretty nice guy but its funny the way ur saying ur trying to stuff ur bun bc this world today has corrupted our minds, lol!!

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight   16 hours ago

    Safety glasses for hotdog cooking!!! As if the hotdogs gonna blow up :-)

  • Ruthie
    Ruthie   20 hours ago

    Now I'm hungry. >:[

  • Starship 5150
    Starship 5150   21 hours ago

    Who Puts Ketchup On A Hot Dog? What Are You 5 Years Old??

  • Checometer
    Checometer   23 hours ago

    0:49 I always thought you were supposed to cover it up and then stick your dog in

  • TONN
    TONN   1 days ago

    this is so disturbing 😂😂😂

  • Paul Dixon
    Paul Dixon   1 days ago

    I like the way he says gadgetsGadgects

  • Senpai BK
    Senpai BK   1 days ago

    I could feel the pain at the end of the video. T_T

  • Skye G
    Skye G   1 days ago

    Why aren't hotdogs made in the bun to begin with instead of on a split bun

  • Gabriel V Games
    Gabriel V Games   2 days ago

    Me gustó el gadget que le haces el orificio al pan para entrar la salchicha/Like si estas aquí y no sabes lo que dice/

  • user91
    user91   2 days ago

    Gosh learn how to eat dude ! A 2 years old eat cleaner than you

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark   2 days ago

    Dude whats that hotdog reamer called and where do i get one?

  • Barracudagaming 1789

    You eat soo tasty, 0:41 in the night and im going to make myself some food😂😂

  • thembagsofchips
    thembagsofchips   2 days ago

    Like fe hack buy a bunch of hotdog products so you can break. Your diet!

  • marquees
    marquees   2 days ago

    Have you ever tried shelens hotdogs

    NOTICE ME SENPAI   2 days ago

    8:10 isn't that just a ćevap maker ... balkan people know what im talkin about

  • SNAK3 V3N0M
    SNAK3 V3N0M   2 days ago

    Its 3:am and i have to wake up at 6 for first day of school and im watching taras eat hotdogs