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Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
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    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!

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  • Carrie Vaccaro
    Carrie Vaccaro   6 minuts ago

    Matpat you are not done with fnaf my theory is that since chica was the first she will give more awnsers and the withered animatronic are from fredbears family diner so maybe that's why Chica was the first that she saw everything golden Freddy is fredbear so maybe Chica is telling the truth maybe ennards fifth animatronic is bidybad and did you notice the eyes in the sewer in sister locations bad ending or scoop ending cut scene BTW Mr hippo is like a old man maybe William afton killed a adult he tells his story and all that hunk of bunk looking toward to your next fortnite and fnaf theory's

  • Pudding 5525
    Pudding 5525   6 minuts ago

    Should Matt pat do Steven universe theories?🤔🤔🤔

  • Geometry Dash Prokiller_9998

    You missed the place after fredbear’s family diner and before JJ’s. The withered animatronics place it was Freddy fazbears pizza v1. JJ’s is Freddy fazbears pizza v2 and the FNAF 1 location Freddy fazbears pizza 3

  • Strange Potato
    Strange Potato   27 minuts ago

    MatPat: Yess it’s over!Scott in the shadows:U H O H H O W U N F O R T U N A T E

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear   37 minuts ago

    I don't know about this being cannon, but in FNaF 2, Mangle's static actually has a voice hidden in it it sounds like a 9-1-1 call and says "We got a little boy, missing his frontal lobe. Sir we got a 10-1" When I heard this I thought that it means that Jeremy couldn't have got bit because it said "little boy" and not employee. And Maybe just maybe it can show that maybe Mangle didn't do the Bite of '87. Here's the link:

  • Alex Roseman
    Alex Roseman   42 minuts ago

    Wait wait wait wait wait. Am I missing something? So how is Micheal simultaniously the couch potato AND the boy who escaped to "that place again" in the Midnight Motorist minigame? Is it possible the A.I was already made in Williams image, had a different name, Then got renamed to Micheal after real Micheal got bit? I dunno I'm spitballin but that part doesn't sit right to me!! I'm going to rewatch just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

  • zoid _gaming
    zoid _gaming   42 minuts ago

    Pls scott pls dont make a new one or you will get fand

  • BrownGaijin
    BrownGaijin   1 hours ago

    I can't find my original entry so I'm going to reiterate what I said before with one more point. You were right to use the grid in your June 3rd video, but it only gave you half the answer. The other answer was given to you by your reddit viewers to use coordinates in the crossword puzzle. Therefore... * Crossword puzzle = Cassidy *Grid = GLFIUS or GoLden Freddy Is Us - as in the one who is torturing the player. Bang.

  • sick gaming
    sick gaming   1 hours ago

    Me:You can't be done nooooooooooooooooo. Scott: don't forget the movieMe: 🤣 ya right scott

  • Ming Zhen Dan
    Ming Zhen Dan   1 hours ago

    Can I ask a question? Who is the woman John walked away with in the fourth closet?

  • Just Strawberry
    Just Strawberry   2 hours ago

    Scott easily could make this game the end, or he could make a few more, goldy still could finally let go in another game

  • Thunder Huy
    Thunder Huy   2 hours ago

    Warframe theories ??? Just saying...

  • Gabby Emoji
    Gabby Emoji   2 hours ago

    I was the only one of my friends to keep playing fnaf and watch game theory about fnaf honestly I'm relieved that it ended but also sad I remember in the fourth grade talking about the connections the fnaf world and the world arounde me with my friends and even now I'm kinda creeped out that the kid inside Freddy has the boy version of my name, I should get to the point..this was... No is my favorite game and it's the game that got me thinking, and making theorys even if they where bad. Thank you matpat and a big thank you to Scott.

  • Liam Gompf
    Liam Gompf   2 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the midnight motorists mini-game takes place before the bite of '83, as Mike Afton is still alive, and the events of FNAF 4 haven't taken place yet. However the FNAF 2 location goes into lock down on night 5 of the game, in 1987. Am I missing something, or does this imply that Jr's might not actually be the FNAF 2 location?

  • Renny Wolf
    Renny Wolf   2 hours ago

    Well i mean.....i guess mark was is the hell your sentenced to...... Good job mark!

  • Okay
    Okay   3 hours ago

    Scott Cawthon: Well time time to open the box fully then make another game!

  • torronterable
    torronterable   3 hours ago

    @The Game Theorists bro you're late. And I think you're wrong. I theorized this 2 months ago. I even commented on one of your videos saying this. The one about pizzeria simulator. Except I thought michael was both his cyborg version and golden freddy. Thats why when he sees golden freddy he says "its me." See when Michael gets chomped his remnant goes into golden freddy, while William builds new michael who has no idea he ever died or is a robot like the girl in the book, Actually I just got an idea. It was public knowledge that Cassidy (btw Cassidy works as a name for both a boy and a girl, like Jesse aka jesse's girl, that's why Scott wanted an androgynous voice actor) was killed by being chomped by golden freddy... so what if Afton named the cyborg child Michael to throw people off that he was the same kid and that he wasnt real. That makes more sense then the unknown history of some random kid Cassidy who hates afton for some reason. Cassidy afton would have much more of a reason to hate William because he's there from the beginning watching in every game he evil William is and being unable to move because maybe while the kids remnant went into golden freddy, he didnt have an exo skeleton to move. William maybe removed it in anger just like he axed circus baby who killed his daughter. So after watching William kill all of these kids and his sister, he became the kid that shouldnt have died, growing to hate William as time went by more and more. That's why when cyborg him and golden freddy remnant him see eachother... the dialogue pops up saying me.

  • Alexis Fox
    Alexis Fox   4 hours ago

    Wait I believe that Fritz is freaking Mike’s brother

  • Alexis Fox
    Alexis Fox   4 hours ago

    When next fnaf game comes out Matpat “I am done AF”THEN HIDES IN CLOSET FOR FLAT MONTH STEPH “WE need to do that theory”Matpat “I said I QUIT”

  • Alexis Fox
    Alexis Fox   4 hours ago

    Hey matpat you know how in your older fnaf theory u said that the crying child was Golden Freddy Well I believe that you were not entirely wrong with that theory let me explainSo what if Cassedy was the crying child but only has a piece of the remnant and when she died and William created her robot but made it a boy And used some of her remnant but not all of it so Mike could only remember bits and pieces. And William said he adopted mike and that could possibly explain the it’s me thing Golden Freddy says could be her trying to gain back her entire self being and maybe that is why she could not be saved. Also it could explain GLFIUS it means “Golden Freddy is us” I mean it would explain a lot of things cause if Cassedy knew it was her own who programmed the animatronics then she Baby kill Elizabeth then of course she would be mad at her father now I know that this is a bit of stretch but u know I was just thinking about it the crying child I believe never was said to be a girl or boy(I could be wrong) but you know if you saw your own sister die from something made by your own father you would be mad to especially if then you were killed. Oh I just realized this could some what explain physic friend Fred bear what if it was just memories coming from Cassedy and by that I mean like after the sister location incident that he ended up remembering the week following up to his b-day of 1983 and that Fredbear was the other piece of his memory Trying to help him remember the incident and that is why in the rest of the games except fnaf 3 Had GOLDEN FREDDY in them cause then he remembered enough to the point where he tried to burn the building with springtrap in it cause he obviously wanted to put an end to it all.

  • Meiqi Chen
    Meiqi Chen   4 hours ago

    Is it possible that you do a Detroit: Become Human theory? I still have no idea of who or what rA9 is or what Red Ice does and I wanna see if you can figure it out.

  • FrenchFries4Life
    FrenchFries4Life   4 hours ago

    i think i found something... In the animation where mike afton was walking he was falling apart and rotting, later on he was "rebuilt or put back together" which i think his dad did or the puppet.

  • DariusTheRat
    DariusTheRat   4 hours ago

    I have a question whats mike's older brothers name was it revealed in the novel?

  • squishalish YT
    squishalish YT   5 hours ago

    "This is the last fnaf video...." huh... somthing I herd 3 years ago...